Kacie's Year 2000 Dance Recital 

Kacie spends two days a week practicing dance. She dances with her good friend Kathryn Engelbrecht. Kacie's teacher is from England. Her name is Miss Shelaugh and Kacie loves her. This May her class finalized the year with a dance recital at the Meydenbauer Center in Belleuve. Kacie and her friends performed two seperate dances. The first dance was "Spring Showers" to the music of Singing in the Rain. The second dance was the "Hat Box Ballet". She had a fantastic time and we enjoyed being there. Although Bryant did get a bit wrestless watching all the other participants as well.

This is Kacie in 1999 dancing to "Once in Love with Amy"

Kacie with her "Hat Box Ballet" dance team"

Kacie in her "Hat Box Ballet" costume

Kacie and her friends getting ready for "Singing in the Rain"