Visiting Dave & Suzi in Richland 

Scott, Bryant, and Kacie drove to Richland the last weekend in July to return McKenzie to her family.  We also spent the weekend helping Dave and Suzi move into their new home.   Their new home was only a few blocks from the house they were renting so the move went fairly quickly.  Dad (Grandpa to some) came up from Portland as well and spend most of Saturday cleaning out the planting beds around Dave's house.  The sun was blazing and we all did our share of sweating.   Dave spent most of the time trying to get his riding lawn mower to function since he now has around an acre of grass to mow.   He ran into a few problems that day so Dad finished up the chore with a normal push mower.  Bryant and I left early Sunday morning and headed for home.  We left Kacie behind to spend the next couple of weeks with McKenzie and family.