Newsie and the Microsoft Picnic

Kacie and I went alone to the Microsoft Picnic this year.   We hadn't planned to go alone.  We brought along her pet rat named "Newsie".    Kacie had her on a leash and people that saw her were fascinated.   When we arrived at the entrance I mentioned that she should hide her rat.  She thought I said to say hi for her rat (to the lady at the entrance).  The gate lady actually loved "Newsie" but quickly informed us that no pets were allowed.  Understandably so we took Newsie back to the car and kept her there for the 2 hours we enjoyed the picnic.   The food was great and Kacie and I enjoyed the "Reptile Man" show.  Meanwhile, "Newsie" was back in Keri's car sleeping and making the usual rat mess.   Keri and Jamie were in Virginia and Bryant was out of town at Youth Conference.

Kacie holds Newsie just before tyring to enter at the main gate.