Kacie's First Day of Braces
September 16th, 2002 was an interesting day for Kacie.  It all started Monday morning.   Kacie and Keri left the house at nine o'clock. The main adventure of the day was an appointment with the orthodontist in downtown Redmond.  Oddly enough, Kacie was extremely excited for her visit.  She could barely sleep the previous night.   Once she arrived at the office, Dr. Victor Johansen went right to work.   Keri says Kacie was humming her favorite songs as the orthodontist busily worked away.    In just a little over an hour, Kacie was sporting a new look.   Here she is picture below just after school on her first day with braces.  She is all smiles.  When I asked her if anybody at school called her brace face, she grinned and replied, "No, but metal mouth". She gets to wear them for two years.   She wasn't so excited later in the evening when her jaw began to ache.  

Kacie smiling big on the first day she wears braces!