Kacie runs Cross Country
Kacie has enjoyed running a little cross country this year.   She was a little hesitant at first but after the first race she thought it was a lot of fun.   In a few years she will be ready for a marathon with Aunt Diana.  There are around 20 elementary schools in our district.   Each week three or four of the schools join together and hold a cross country meet at a central location.  They have a separate race for each gender and grade.   The fourth grade girls run just over a half of a mile.  In Kacie's first meet she placed 9th out of about 35 girls.   Last week she place 22nd out of about 60 girls.  She was excited to receive a purple ribbon for having finished in the top 31.

Kacie turns up the motor down the final stretch!

Kacie with red cheeks and a big smile after having down well in her big race.