Lizzy gets baptized

Our cousin Lizzy was baptized on Saturday, May 4th, 2002.  She was baptized  by her dad and my brother John.   Lizzy shared in her baptism day with her good friend ????.   Lizzy is a family favorite.   She is known more formally as Elizabeth and less formally as Lizard.  Kacie and I drove down to Portland with cousin Lindsi late Friday night.  We attended the baptism on Saturday and enjoyed being with family on Sunday.  My brother Dave was there with his kids.  His son Jake entertained us with his olive eating skills during family dinner.    Diana was also there visiting from Switzerland with baby Madison.    See entire photo album of Lizzy's baptism weekend

Lizzy with her friend ??? shortly after being baptized

Lizzy with mom and dad on the day of her baptism

See entire photo album of Lizzy's baptism weekend