Mamma's Hands -- Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving 2002 was spent with many of our cousins as well as Grandpa and Grandma.   The highlight of the day was making a trip down to Seattle on the Mamma's Hands bus with Denny Hancock.  We had gather a bunch of blankets and coats and we were going to spend the day distributing them to homeless people in Seattle.   It was a great experience going down on the bus with Denny and listening to some of his stories.  It was also good to be together with family and spend some time being grateful for all that we enjoy.  We made two stops in Seattle.  The first was at a small corner park.  We stayed there for about 30 minutes and handed out blankets and coats.  The most exciting moment was giving away one of Grandpa Schade's old coats.  It was a big brown coat that was very nice and warm.  A young man from Peru quickly snatched it up and headed on his way.  It was kind of sentimental to watch him walk away with it.  Next we stopped at Pioneer Square and has some more similar experiences. Here we met an older man who supposedly at one time had a prominent position with Motel 6.  He had let his life get away from him and now was homeless on the streets.  It was sad to see, but in a weird way this man said he was now as happy as he had ever been now that he did not have the stresses and pressures of everyday work life.  Anyway, we met a lot of homeless people this Thanksgiving day.  Most of them were very nice and polite and very eager to take and use our supplies.   It was a very memorable Thanksgiving day  experience.

Group shot in front of the Mamma's Hands bus

John talks with people in the park while Bryant, Halli, and Lizzy look on.

Bruce, Jamie, Halli, and Lindsi have fun on the Mamma's Hands bus

Denny introduces Mr. Motel 6 to John, Jamie, and others

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