Burt and Robin
Return from Canary Islands
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Burt and Robin officially finished their service in the Canary Islands in April of 2006. They stopped off in England to visit youngest daughter Diana and did not make it home until late May. The first weekend in June we had a small scale family reunion to welcome them back. There were over 30 people in the house over the weekend and we had a good time catching up. Lori and Derek blessed Tanner, the newest Bullock addition, in church on Sunday. It was a great weekend.

Swinging Sammy

Tanner lays low

Burt woos the crowd

Bruce and Matt P.

Burt finishes a crossword

Blake and Natalie

Burt warms tortillas

Jake does wheel

Ryan jumping

Jason and Brady sideways

Sidney on swingset

Tanner White

Jason slams

Betty Pulapuna

Burt gets excited

Connor White

Burt lays out wheel

Connor and Brady

Connor likes wigs

Amelia prepares salads

Blake and Sam

Blake with nice follow through

Bruce and Trey

Dad loves US Flag

Dad tosses tortilla

Dave & Suzi relax

Sidney & Natalie

Burt enjoys a crossword

Brady glares

Jason White

Dave w/ hot chocolate

Tanner in car seat

Fans watch Burt

Dad cooking french toast

Brady Johnson

Jason gets frijoles

Blake on swing

Scott and Robin

Sam squares up

Derek expressing himself

Sam Bullock

Emily White

Emily on swing

Connor costume

Jason crashes

Natalie is tarzan

Connor w/ game boy

Sammy in action

Brady profile spike

Trey wants in

Emily goes purple

Lindsi smiling big

Mom and Dad open gifts

Lori and Tanner

Grandkids pose

John & Amelia snooze

Trampoline action

Burt finishes wheel

Little Rascals

Sammy lets fly

Suzi & Tanner

Ryan White

Trey Bullock

Trey Drools

Halli goes yellow

Blake pauses

Gramps again

Connor stands tall

Family gathering

Grandkids again

Trey does wheel


Blake on swing

Bruce ponders...

Grandkids eating

Jake and Sam

Kacie Bullock

Jason and Brady

Trey and bamboo

Nice shooting form

Burt impresses

Connor is pensive

Lindsi loves kitchen

Burt does it again

Lizzy upside down

Ryan with basketball

Malu and Trey

Jason and Brady stare

Trey sports wig

Tunes and Hoops

John chats with patient

Malu with happy Trey

Emily enjoys swing

Jason goes crazy

Lori & Tanner

Liz Bullock

Watching Mom & Dad

John Bullock family

Family gathering

Kacie plays w/ Trey

Kacie's new look

Aunt Kelly

Lindsi enjoys ice cream

Liz calls home

Liz enjoys swing

Jason's new look

Lizzy outside

Trey closeup

Kacie gets serious

Lori concerned

Ryan White profile

John goes bug eyed

Lori is mischevious


Lori and Tanner

Malu holds Trey

Matt enjoys swing

Scott on Sunday

Trey plays peek a boo

Matt Pulapuna

Scott & Robin on PC

Matt holds Halli

Halli kisses Matt

Trey gets frosted

Trey removes wig

Mom and Dad open gifts

Trey w/ grandparents

Mom back in her kitchen

Tanner checks out

Mom does taste test

Same hairstyles

Natalie White

Family costumes

Costume party

Trey on back patio

Trey waits to get in

Trey closeup

Trey loves the party

Robin back to work

Ryan bamboo sticks

Ryan closeup

Matt on swings

Ryan takes break

Sam follows through

Scott & Robin

Scott & Trey eat

Trey finds bamboo

Trey smiles

Trey stares

Betty & Whites