Matt Bullock

This page is dedicated to my youngest brother Matt.  Here he is pictured as a young boy with my sister Diana.  Today Matt would be in his middle 30's.   He always lived with serious health challenges and finally lost his life to liver cancer in January of 2000.   He was only 24 years old.   He was a funny and inspiring friend to all who knew him.    He defined the word courage.  We loved him deeply and miss him tremendously.     The following links and pages are an effort to capture the history of his life  -- to remember all the good that Matt brought to our lives.    

# Story/Memory Date
1.The Stolen Bazooka4/12/093Link
2.The Family Foghorn4/27/099Link
3.California Kool-Aid5/02/096Link
4.Food Stories5/30/106Link