Bryant's JV Hoop Photos
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Woodinville bench celebrates as the final seconds tick away and victory seems secured.

Bryant goes behind the back with the dribble against defensive pressure

Bryant sneaks in for an elbow jumper.

Bryant looking to find the open man.

Bryant follows through on a free throw.

Bryant reaches high to pull down a loose ball.

Bryant strategizes with teammates at half court.

Bryant gets an open shot from the baseline.

Bryant looks to penetrate between several Garfield defenders.

Bryant grabs a defensive rebound.

Bryant crashes the boards for another rebound.

Bryant is closely guarded on the perimiter.

Bryant closes out on his opponent.

Bryant stretches hands high to defend the baseline.

Bryant gets prepared to defend by getting in his stance.

Bryant goes behind the back against a pesky defender.

Bryant pushes the ball up the sideline.

Bryant defends with his eyes closed.

Bryant holds his ground on the baseline.

Bryant defends with emotion.

Bryant gets double teamed by the defense.

Bryant gets strong with the ball on the perimiter.

Bryant pushes the ball up court against a Bulldog defender

Bryant pushes the ball ahead on the break.

Bryant gets strong with the ball against an agressive opponent.

Bryant tries to give Coach Savoia a little advice during the final moments of the Garfield game.

Bryant gets up in the air against his opponent.

Bryant conversing with teammates during a short break.

Bryant gets a hand in the shooters face.

Bryant defending against a driving opponent.

Bryant with teammates during a timeout.

Bryant defends on the perimiter.

Bryant yells instructions to teammates during a break in the action.

Coach Savoia directs actions during a timeout.

Bryant defending against the baseline drive.

Bryant looks for a spot on the lane after a break in the action.