Black Butte Family Reunion
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Welcome sign to Black Butte - location of 2003 family reunion.

Front View of our main cabin in Black Butte.

Another angle of our cabin in Black Butte.

Burt and Robin walking together on their way to the pool.

Derek and Lori enjoying some solo time with Emily.

Black Butte pool in the Glazed Meadows where we spent two afternoons swimming.

Jason jumping into the deep pool.

Taylor shows us his best cannon ball.

Trevor slipping into the deep pool.

Emily White crashes after swimming a few laps.

Mackenzie and Lizzy getting ready to cool off in the deep pool.

Kacie preparing to dive in the deep pool.

Connor smiling as he calls it a day in the pool.

Halli kicking back in her stroller.

Kacie blowing her best bubble as the day winds down.

Sam and Natalie enjoying the sun in the shallow end.

Sam's smile tells you he had a good time swimming.

Dave getting some much needed rest after lunch.

Jake sports his new sun glasses just after lunch.

Keri desperate for some shut eye just after lunch.

Lori stretches out for her afternoon siesta.

Scott and Keri conversing with others after lunch.

Emily Bullocks finds a comfortable spot in the hamack.

Emily smiling after getting a good rest in the hamack.

Jamie and Lindsi wishing they were sisters.

Amelia loading the potato gun as John prepares to spray candy across the sky.

John about to blow some candy high into the sky.

All the kids go crazy as the candy falls from above.

Bruce takes his turn loading the potato gun.

Keri and Derek not missing any action with their video cameras.

Another shot of the kids going crazy as some candy comes their way.