Burt & Robin in the Canaries -- 2004
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Mom and dad with sister missionaries on Thanksgiving.

Mom and dad feed Thanksgiving dinner to missionaries.

The food line at Thanksgiving day dinner hosted by Burt and Robin

Mom and Dad in the Canaries. Mom with a new perm

Mom showing off her short hair cut

Mom having fun in the park with local Canarians.

Group shot of the institute kids and their teacher where mom and dad server as missionaries.

Teide, the big volcano in the middle of Tenerife - the island where mom and dad live. People love to go visit Teide.

One of mom''s favorite quaint old streets in town. There are alfombras on the street for a special holiday.

Mom loves seeing these bright buildings each day -- especially the blue one.

The local chapel on the island where mom and dad are serving their mission

A mural of Christ on a local street during a holiday. It was created and washed away in the same day.

Mom and Dad enjoy feeding the Elders often at their cozy piso

Dad and the ZL’s having a little wig fun. One is from spain and the other from Idaho.

A street in the little town of La Laguna where mom and dad live.

A beautiful hillside in the Canaries

Mom loved this pair of shoes of one of her friends at church.

Mom and Dad in Las Palmas after one of their visits to the mission home

Girls in mom and dad's English class from Cuba, Germany & Colombia

Mom with the sister missionaries. The elders live about 2 blocks from the old tower (in the background)

A natural pool with sea water. It is one of three all right together…all large

Another one of the natural pools with sea water.

A view of the ocean that is close by their apartment.

Group shot of the hermanas at mom and dad's first island conference.

More of the volcano Teide.

Mom and Dad came across this village as they were driving through the mountains.

Mom and dad compete in the gofio challenge at the elders piso. They were each given a huge bite of powder to eat. Dad came through first.


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