Family Reunion on Cottage Lake
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Amelia enjoying some time by the lake

Blake climbing the ladder on the water trampoline

Blake takes aim with the water cannon

Blake gets ready to do some canoeing

Blake taking a leap off the water trampoline

Brady planning strategy on the soccer field

Bruce catches up on Sports Illustrated

Bryant smiles after getting home from church

Bryant and Jamie looking good together.

Connor and Mckenzie look to board the water trampoline

Connor creeps to the shore

Connor takes a short rest on the dock

Connor takes a running jump into the water

Group shot of all the cousins

Dave makes some last minute adjustments to the water cannon

Dave brings out his defensive expertise in a little one on one with Scott.

Dave made Berry Pies for Sunday dinner!

Dave prepares for some offense in his one on one game with Scott

Derek does some wrestling on the water trampoline.

Derek and Jason play King of the Mountain on the water tramp.

Derek prepares his camera for some good footage.

Sunday dinner puts a lot of people in the kitchen at the same time

Family enjoying time on the lake

Emily takes a bubble bath to get clean

Emily spent a lot of time in the water

Aunt Emily with baby Kelly

Aunt Emily shows her athleticism on the tetherball

Aunt Emily in one of her more serious moments

Aunt Emily has her suit on and is ready for a swim

Emily always has a smile in the water

Aunt Emily is back on the tetherball

Group shots of everyone at the family reunion

Kacie, Jamie, and Bryant on the back deck

Kacie and cousins enjoy the pedal boat

Natalie and Sid spend time catching baby minnows

Halli sneaks into the dressup closet

Halli in a more serious moment

Hallie enjoys an apple before taking a swim

Jake swims with cousins

Jake can do some real damage with a croquet mallot

Jake takes control of his raft

Jake is all smiles in the water

Jamie and Lindsi in a serious pose

Lindsi and Jamie take it easy on Sunday afternoon

Jamie and Lindsi looking serious for once.

Jamie visits with friend Sadie on Sunday afternoon.

Jason and Brady in the pedal boat.

Jason and Lizzy finally get their turn on the trampoline.

Jeff observes the family soccer game from his crutches

Uncle John dominated on the soccer field

Kacie hanging out with her favorite cousins

Kacie and Ryan spend a little time together

Kacie does a back dive off the water trampoline

Kacie holds Ryan in the backyard

Aunt Kelly enjoy the family fun

Keri washes a few dishes after Sunday's meal

Kacie looks to defend her cousins on the soccer field.

Lizzy loves the water

Lizzy pretending she is shy

Lizzy enjoying the water as always.

Derek catches a closeup shot of his sweetheart Lori

Lori and Derek paddling out for a canoe ride

Lori and Derek escaping for a second honeymoon

Lori holds baby Ryan and baby Kelly

Derek catches Lori looking good in the backyard

Lori and Kelly reflect on their life as sisters.

Lori takes a crew for a ride in the raft

Lori takes a break with baby Ryan on the hammack

Lori takes a serious break with baby Ryan on the hammack

Mark and Emily enjoying the good weather outside

Mark and Emily challenge each other to a tetherball contest

Mark shows off his dad skills with baby Kelly

Mark lets out some agression on the tetherball

Mary and Kacie help each other out on the pedal boat

McKenzie enjoys a little time on the water tube

McKenzie takes a break inside

Natalie asking Blake if he needs some help getting out

Natalie looking to catch some baby minnows

Natalie plugs her nose as she prepares for a back dive

Baby Ryan reflects on his first family reunion

Sam has his life jacket on and is ready for the lake

Sam and Mary with Keri and Amelia

Sam takes a short break on the soccer field

Derek takes a picture of our house from out on the lake

Derek catches Scott doing some work in the backyard

Scott takes a break on the soccer field

Scott prepares a canoe for Derek and Lori

Sid holds one of the baby minnows she managed to catch.

Sid and Natalie spent most of the day collecting water lillies.

Sid looking to use the water cannon

Saturday afternoon was full of soccer in our front yard

Jake, Emily, and Halli growl as they defend their goal

Jake, Emily, and Halli are prepared to defend the goal

Jason shows off his barefoot skills on the soccer field

Jason makes a great stop as goalie

John defends his goal against various neices and nephews

John and Mary show their competitive spirits on the soccer field.

Lizzy looks for another score on the soccer field

Mckenzie looks to show Jason one of her favorite soccer moves

Uncle Mark shows off his brazilian soccer skills

Uncle Mark shows off his brazilian soccer skills

Mckenzie shows her finesse with the soccer ball

Sam looks to steal the ball from Uncle Scott on the soccer field

Taylor does a little thinking while out on the raft

Trevor does a back flip off the water trampoline

Trevor takes a short nap after a long day

The twins and Connor enjoy one of Uncle Dave's rafts

The wins and Connor take a spin in the pedal boat

Bryant enjoying two great sisters in Kacie and Jamie.

Satuday was a great day for family soccer.