New Year's Eve 2004
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Betty, Kacie, Sam, and Matt enjoying baby Kelly.

Baby Kelly makes Betty want another baby girl.

Sam and Matt are new buddies.

5 year old Matt with 11 year old Blake.

Malu doing his usual deep thinking.

Malu, Matt, and baby Kelly.

Betty does some business on the phone.

Betty gets distracted while feeding baby Kelly.

Betty and Matt enjoying baby Kelly.

Elsie thinks its time for Jamie to wake up.

Elsie gets artistic with her sleepy head friend.

The New Year's Eve crowd.

Elsie, Jamie, and Lindsi sleeping in New Year's Day.

Kacie takes her turn feeding baby Kelly

A group shot of all the cousins.

All the cousins decide to show off their best faces.

New Year's Day breakfast

A group shot with our Tongan friends before the head back home.