Whites 2004
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Whites set up camp in Yellowstone

Baby Ryan shows off his best smile

Father's Day picture

Connor at the waterfall

Close up of Natalie

Connor climbing around Yellowstone

Ryan sporting his new sun glasses

Connor ponders life on a rock

Ryan gets a good laugh at his family

Connor profile

Derek getting ready for a bike ride

Derek and kids crash in the trailer

Emily celebrates her 6th birthday

Emily looking cute

Jason ready to play baseball

Jason getting ready for a soccer game

Jason is safe at third

Jason checking things out from the dugout

Connor spots to check out the view

Connor and Derek in the suburban

Kids in front of Mammoth Cafe

Lori and Ryan take a break

Lori and Jason cruising in the suburban

Lori and the kids spying on bears

Lori and Ryan of Old Faithful general store

Natlie in front of waterfall

Natalie looking serious

Connor in front of a tree

Ryan takes a short break