Lindsi's Kentlake basketball Falcons
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Lindi's team celebrates their 5th place finish at state

Lindsi gets ready to check into the Garfield game

Lindsi was solid at the free throw line

Lindsi and teammates warmup for the Garfield game

Lindsi gets ready to battle on the boards

Kacie, Halli, and Trey watch Lindsi's team play.

Lindsi gets set on the free throw lane

Lindsi getting a rest during the Redmond game

Lindi makes a pass to start the offense

Lindsi and Luv Rattler getting ready to play defense

Lindsi gets some game action against Garfield

Lindsi and teammates find something enjoyable in their opening loss against Garfield.

Lindsi and Allison Sievers in transition

Lindsi runs the offense against Redmond

Lindsi on the bench against Garfield