Meeting Trey in Georgia
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Baby Trey is a couple of days old

Trey checking out his new family

Kacie relaxes with Trey

Kacie, Jamie, and Keri finally meet up with baby Trey

Kacie and Keri check out Trey

Trey feeling clean

Trey sports his new beanie

Trey all bundled up taking a snooze

Jamie gives Trey a welcome kiss

Trey wrapped up in a towell

Trey sleeping after his bath

Keri checks out Trey's hair

Trey cries for some milk

Jamie showing off Trey

Trey is ready for bed

Keri holds up Trey

Trey in his new sports outfit

Trey shivers after his bath

Keri checking out Trey again

Trey gets comfortable

Trey after his bath

Trey sleeps away

Trey works on the binkie

Trey's tiny feet

Trey's first bath

Kacie and Jamie with Trey at church in Atlanta

Kacie holds Trey

Trey curls up after his bath

Kacie and Jamie with Trey on Sunday