Bartlett Visit in June - 2005
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Brindie holding Trey between innings

Brindie mounting the water trampoline.

Brindie enjoy some time inside.

Brindie spends time with cousin Halli at Bryant's graduation

Sklyer and Brindie testing out the pedal boat

Skyler goes backwards into the lake.

Jaden checking out Bryant's graduation cap

Brindie and Jaden jumping on the water tramp

Floyd hanging out with his grandchildren Brindie and Jaden.

Darlene takes care of Trey on the back deck.

Jaden gets his turn on the water trampoline

Jaden at Bryant's high school graduation

Jaden is ready for the cold water

Jaden not sure he likes the cold water

Skyler uses the oar to speed things up

Sklyer looking for big fish under the trampoline.

Jaden does the toe test one more time

Skyler jumping off the water tramp..

Jaden thinking about the cold water.

Bartletts come to support Kacie's softball team.

Jaden watching Kacie's softball game

Keri and Brindie enjoying softball from the stands

Jaden is cold and wet but having fun

Floyd and the Bartlett kids boating in the distance

Floyd, Jaden, and Brindie take their turn on the pedal boat

Scott and Skyler getting the canoe out for a boat race

Scott and Jaden now man the canoe

Scott and Skyler taking a canoe ride

Brindie does some thinking in the kitchen.

The boats now off in the distance

Brindie finally gets the tramp all to herself.

Brindie is all smiles...

Skyler leaps out of the water...

Brindie suspended in mid air

Brindie practices her rodeo skills on the trampoline.

Brindie checking out the scenery...

Skyler gets his turn on the water trampoline.

Floyd, Jaden, and Brindie...

Skyler mans the pedal boat alone.

Skyler can't wait to hit the cold lake.

Skyler all aone on the trampoline.

Skyler and Brindie..

Skyler and Trey in the family room

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