2005 Family Reunion on Cottage Lake
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Mark gets off a nice header during family soccer game.

Natalie and Sidney enjoy their lollipops while everyone else plays soccer.

Ameila and Mary watching soccer from the sideline.

All four baby cousins in their new jean jackets

Brody sporting his new sun hat

Diana has her hands full with Brody and Madison

Jake attacks the middle of the field

Halli and Madison hang out under the trampoline

Mary and McKenzie taking a break in the house

Diana and Trey showing off his new head band

Kacie ready to exit the lake

Emily enjoying some Trix for breakfast

Ryan and Trey checking out the wrapping paper

Lizzy does some amazing back flips

Conner downs another juice pack in 85 degree weather

Kacie enjoying the lake on a hot day.

Madison is the first one at the breakfast table.

Halli and Madison love being cousins

Sidney and Natalie are late for family pictures

Brady hits a nice perimeter jumper

Liz is ready to take a break from the water

Halli and Madison enjoy the front yard trampoline.

Lori and Diana with Ryan and Brody during family soccer.

Jason attacks the hoop for two points during family hoop tournament.

Halli hangs out on the tramp during family hoops

Madison trying to look inconspicuous during our family hoop tournament.

Liz catching some sunshine on the water tramp.

Uncle Bruce goes strong to the glass

Diana gets away with some hand checkng against Brady.

Mary looks to score from the right side

Lizzy gets ready to board the water trampoline.

Diana running the show at point guard

Mary jumping off the water tramp.

Sam getting ready to play his favorite sport

Brady Johnson looks to score

Sam maneuvers through several family members on the soccer field.

Diana gives her teammates some last minute instructions

Sam leaps off the water trampoline.

Halli and Madison enjoying time on the trampoline

Jason and Blake both go hard to the boards.

Trey enjoying his first family reunion.

Kacie looks to drive against Lizzy

Diana looks for an open teammate

Emily tests the temperature of the water

Kacie escapes for an easy layin

Sindey was a fish all weekend

Sidney and Natalie looking good in their life jackets

Madison enjoying time in the good old USA

Blake uses some finesse to advance the ball at midfield

Kacie getting defensive pressure from cousin Sam.

Jason White looking to pass.

Diana and Brody during the family soccer game.

McKenzie celebrates after scoring from the perimeter

Jason getting a short break on the basketball court

Bryant and Madison hanging out on the trampoline

Dave advances the ball at midfield

McKenzie looking good on the dock.

Liz works to defend big sister Mary

Jake converts on this goal kick to break the tie

Mark and Bruce make it difficult for Trevor in the paint

John and Jason pursue Taylor on the soccer field.

Lizzy scores from the left side

Kacie is kept busy guarding Sam.

Taylor with a nice behind the back dribble

Mark puts down a jumper from the corner

Mark in full stride at midfield

Lizzy looks to stop big sister Mary.

Mary looks to get by Kacie along the sideline

Halli and Madison exchange a friendly hug

Trevor knocks down two from the left corner

Kelly gets ready for a walk with Mark

McKenzie fires from long distance

Ryan hanging out with Lori during family soccer game

Connor is the family lifeguard for the weekend

Taylor gets off a nice reverse layin

Sam and Liz get after it on the soccer field.

McKenzie closes out on cousin Sam.

Taylor looks to get by cousin McKenzie

Halli takes a short swim near the shore

Trevor and Taylor enjoying competition on the soccer field

Kacie looks to pass over cousin Sam.

John and Kacie throwing some elbows on the soccer field.

Sam shoots one of his patented three point shots

Taylor goes up strong with his left hand

Kacie shows us some fancy footwork on the soccer field

Scott gets off a corner jump shot

Taylor looks to make things happen from the perimeter

Lizzy showing us more back flips

Bruce gets in his defensive stance against Taylor

Liz gets a perfect 10 on this dive

Taylor makes a move to the hoop

Mary looking for open teammates at midfield

Taylor makes a smooth move to the hoop.

Trevor looking for an open teammate

Dave looking young on the soccer field

Taylor looks to drive left

Taylor looks to take advantage of his slow uncle

Scott shoots from the perimeter

Dave looking to thread the needle on the soccer field

Trevor puts up a nice left handed layin

Taylor taking Uncle Scott to the hoop

Brody looking good on the back lawn

Trevor shows some nice ball handling skills

Blake gets a little contorted after a beautiful header

Jake gets agressive with the ball at midfield

Trevor surveys the court.

Hungry Ryan goes after a pair of shoes

Blake gets free for a layin.

Liz looking good at goalie

Mark looks to score from the perimeter

Brady hits a short runner for two points

Taylor finishes strong for two more points

Halli and Madison smother Bryant on the front lawn

Diana shows Brady she can play defense.

Bryant gets a short break on the family couch.

Dave helps the kids count the contents of the family money jar.

Diana and Trey spend some time together inside

Ryan enjoys some time inside

Sam does his thing on the soccer field.

Trevor looking poised on the basketball court

Ryan looks to answer the front door

John plays spectator during the basketball games

Sam mows down another Otter Pop

Sam and Blake enjoying the sun

Blake climbs the back side of the trampoline

Brady with Halli and Madison in the pedal boat

Brady exits the water after a good swim

Connor finally gets his time on the water trampoline

The cousins take Dave's motorized raft for a short ride

Emily getting ready for a canoe ride

Emily and Jake enjoying the paddle boat

Halli and Madison wading out into deeper waters

Halli loving the water

Jake poses for a picture in his life jacket

Blake and Trevor get tangled up on the boards.

Jake gets ready for a short swim

Kacie loves cooling off in the lake

Kacie gets ready for a graceful dive off the tramp.

Trevor and Taylor mixing it up on the soccer field

Lizzy with another beautiful dive

Ryan enjoys posing for some family portraits

Blake looks to score from the right side

Lizzy doing some nice moves on the water trampoline

Mary cooling off in the lake

Natalie and Connor take a short ride in the raft

Natalie enjoying time on Dave's motorized raft

Cousins heading out to the lake to cool off

Several people head out to the dock and the lake for another fun day in the sun

Blake pursues the ball during family soccer

Brady dribbles along the right sideline

Brady puts the ball in play

Brody sitting in the cheering section

Bryant and Madison hanging out on the trampoline

Connor gets a short rest on the soccer field.

Dave looks to go past one of the twins at midfield

Brody with Diana at his first family reunion

Lindsi fresh out of bed gets ready for the soccer field

Halli gets some serious air on the trampoline

Uncle John puts the ball in play

Kacie loving another family get together

Liz putting the ball in play after making a good stop

Madison sitting in the cheering section during family soccer

All the baby cousins sporting their new jean jackets

Sidney and Natalie laying down head to head

Ryan says enough is enough

Mary dribbles along the right side of the field

Ryan hangs out in the driveway during soccer game

Sam makes a quick move on cousin Blake

Sam looking to break a tie score on this goal kick

Taylor gets some free room on the soccer field

Trevor looks to break the tie on this goal kick

Bryant entertains Halli on the front lawn

Halli and Madison playing with Bryant

Diana taking a short rest from the wild weekend

Halli and Madison exchanging a friendly kiss

Family members under the Red Oak tree out front

Group shot of all the cousins

Another group shot of all the cousins