Junior Olympics - New Orleans
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Jamie and her friends are medal winners in double dutch competition

Trey sports a new head band

Jamie and her Skiperior friends enjoying New Orleans

Jamie & Trey with Nate and Kenny

Trey enjoying New Orelans in his stroller

Trey trying on hats at a New Orelans mall

Jamie with friend Kenny and brother Trey

Jamie and her friends feeling confident after doing well in competition

Jamie makes friends with some of the hired help at Junior Olympics

Jamie and the girls having fun on a free night

Katie and Larissa take their turn helping with Trey

Jamie and jumprope friends on last day of competition

Jamie, Katie, Larissa, & Becky enjoy some Bubba Gump

Keri always wanted a few more feathers

Jamie, Larissa, Becky, & Katie take 3rd overall in double dutch competition.

Jamie's friend Kenny playing with Trey in the gym

Trey Bryant with Kennny Ray