Kacie's Softball - Wildcats
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Kacie at the plate

Kacie with Trey after a game

Kacie returns to the dugout after a force at second

Kacie shows her follow through on a toss to first

Kacie makes a back hand catch in center

Kacie gets low to make this catch in center

Cousin Brindie and Trey are fans at one of her games

Kacie in her batting stance

Kacie and Trey cheek to cheek after a game

Kacie at the plate with her mouth wide open

Kacie in the Wildcat dugout

Cousin Jaden is excited to see Kacie get two RBI's

Kacie on 2nd base after a steal

Kacie lines a hit down third base line

Kacie at the plate again

Kacie sprints home for the go ahead run

Kacie enjoys a turn on short stop

Kacie gets a rest in the infield

Kacie with a yawning Trey after a long game

Kacie gets in her shortstop stance

Kacie prepares for a ground ball her way

Kacie checking things out from the outfield

Kacie takes a little infield practice between innings

Kacie takes a nice cut at the plate

Kacie winds up to throw from the outfield

Kacie holding a pensive Trey

Kacie's Bartlett grandparents and cousins in the stands for a playoff game

Keri and cousin Brindie supporting Kacie from the bleachers