Memorial Day Weekend - 2005
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Jamie and Lindsi after church.

Connor, Brady, Blake showing off some muscle.

Natalie and Sidney ready to hit the pool.

Connor White has lifeguard duties in the pool.

Trey and Ryan get to know each other.

Spencer and Bennie helping Trey relax

Sidney, Emily, and Natalie having some fun together.

Emily poses out by the pool.

Ryan, Kelly, and Trey hanging out together.

Jason taking a quick dip in the family pool.

Natalie finally gets a chance to hold Trey.

Ryan White closeup.

Jamie and Lindsi with friend Andrew Jones.

Close up of Emily.

Connor likes a few fritos with his chili pile-ups.

Connor, Brady, and Blake after church.

Kacie gets a Saturday afternoon swim.

Jason and Blake watching ....

Kacie was a big help with Trey the entire trip.

Kacie and Trey looking in the mirror.

Natalie knows how to make Trey squeal.

Kelly checks out the Whites house.

Kelly makes her way around the house.

Jason and Blake filling up their plates.

Emily and Kelly enjoying their home state.

Lindsi and Emily showing off their smiles.

Emily enjoying her families new pool.

Connor, Brady, and Blake with some dramatic poses.

Lindsi and Natalie wearing bright colors.

Lori was a master in the kitchen all weekend.

Emily and Natalie love being sisters.

Jason and Brady get to the food first.

Lindsi and Trey on Sunday afternoon.

Emily and Natalie loving water and sun.

Trey models one of Lori's funky hats

Scott and Trey enjoying the weekend.

Sidney, Emily, and Natalie after church.

Scott takes his turn feeding Trey.

Trey was in Utah for the first time.

Lori playing with Trey.

Trey loving the taste of his hands.

Sidney tries to hold a wrestless Trey.

Trey is happy in the high chair.

Trey loves to eat!

Scott and Trey taking care of some applesauce

Natalie making faces at Trey.

Rachel Jones takes a turn holding Trey

Scott works the bottle with Trey.

Trey loves his bottle!

Jordan gets her turn with Trey.

Mark and Scott helping Lori in the kitchen.

Blake Cordon stops by to visit Trey.

Trey finally gets a break from the crowd.

Blake talking business with Trey.

Bennie and Spencer welcome Trey to Salt Lake.

Out in front of the Jones home after a short visit.

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