Trey - 5 months old
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Trey enjoying the back lawn on a sunny day

Trey gives one of his patented smiles

Trey shows off another great facial expression

Bryant with Trey outside of Hec Ed Pavillion just after graduation

Kacie and Trey after one of her softball games

Trey poses for some shots outside the White home

Cousin Brindie holds up Trey at Kacie's softball game

Trey smiling on the White's front porch

Trey goes bug eyed

Trey manages to sit up for a picture

Trey sporting one of his favorite caps

Trey grins as Natalie as Derek snaps the photo

Trey eating his first apple.

Trey tries to give his mean look.

Trey hanging out with cousin Ryan

Trey cracks a nice smile

Cousin Natalie tries a new hat on Trey

Trey posing for more photos

Bryant and Kacie spending time with Trey

Trey gives his serious face after one too many pictures

Hannah with Trey in our kitchen

Trey grins as he slips down the chair

Kacie gives Trey a monster squeeze

Trey hanging out with his new family

Trey posing again on the Whites front porch

Trey sits in a high chair for the first time at Aunt Lori's

Trey checks out with Matt Tomco

Trey and Bryant after church

Trey tests out some of Bryant's old pijamas

Trey rides on Kacie's knees

Bryant gives Trey a short ride

Kacie snaps a picture through the crib slats.

Closeup of Trey at 4 months

Trey is ready to check out for the day

Trey in high chair at Aunt Lori's

Another closeup of Trey at 3 1/2 months

Trey tries on a scarf from Aunt Lori.

Trey reads his first issue of SI.

Trey gives his best sour face.

Trey sporting his favorite sun glasses.

Kacie lets Trey test the waters of Cottage Lake

Trey sings a few Z's.

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