Bryant in the MTC
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Bryant spent two months in the MTC before heading off to Costa Rica on Oct. 30th.
He had a great experience and made some good friends.

Bryant enters the MTC with Trey on shoulders

Trey checking out Bryant's nametag

Bry with companion Elder Graesser from Spokane

Bryant with roomates Elders Jorgensen and Rood. Both from Salt Lake. Jorgensen to Spain, Rood to Costa Rica.

Bryant using the chalkboard to work on brushing up his spanish.

Bryant's pictures of Trey and family. His personal area.

Taking a short reading rest while studying his scriptures.

Elder Doyle from Sacramento. One of Bry's better friends and basketball compadre. Doyle heads to Guatemala.

Bryant's MTC district on preparation day.

Bry showing some early morning enthusiasm.

Bryant dunking over his friend Doyle from Sacramento. Of course Bryant brought his basketball.

Checking out some kind of grass hopper in between classes.

Bryant ready for another day in the MTC.

With Elder Beatty from Las Vegas. He is headed to Chile. He gave Bry the nerf hoop in his room.

Elder Filianga from Tonga. He's left for Costa Rica about 3 weeks before Bry.

With Elder Hockaday. He is a native Guatemalan adopted by a family in Virginia. He is headed to Costa Rica. He is in his boxing shorts.

Elder Behunion headed to Guatemala. He asked Bryant if he could write home to his sister Jamie.

Bryant's four roomates on preparation day.

Elder Brower headed to Honduras. He is from SLC. According to Bry he was the funniest guy in the MTC.

Members of Bryant's district pointing to their countries of destination.

Bryant with Elders Higgins & Doyle. Higgins is from Arizona & headed to Guatemala. Doyle, one of his better friends, goes to Guatemala also.

Bryant with Tongan friend -- Elder Filianga. Both going to Costa Rica.

Bryant with Elder Hockaday. Going to Costa Rica with Bry. Hockday is from Virginia and loves boxing.

Bryant with Joey Evans. Joey is the son of Keri's cousin Laree. He is headed to the Phillipines.

Bryant with Elder Palmer. He is from Virginia and headed to Spain.

Bry with Filianga and Rood. Both will join him in Costa Rica.

Bryant with Woodinville friend Matt Tomco. Matt is going to Hermosillo, Mexico.

Bryant with good friend Elder Doyle from Sacramento.

Elder Filianga playing a little piano.

Elder's Hockaday and Mitchell in the TRC (Training Resource Center). Both go to Costa Rica.

With Elder Mitchell. He is from Ogden and headed to Costa Rica. He is the companion of Elder Hockaday.

Bryant with Elder Nygren. He is from New Mexico and headed to Guatemala. He plays bball and handed down the zone "Shaq shoes" to Bry when he left.

Bryant with Matt Tomco and his companion.