Trey - Birthday #1
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Trey with sisters early on his birthday

What's inside this big box?

Trey with one of his serious looks

Ready to open presents

On top of the world

In this corner - Trey Bullock

What's this cake thing is all about?

Trey checks out the candle

Trey loves this birthday attention

Trey's hands have been working hard

A good birthday laugh

Trey checks out his new car

Trey enjoying his fingers

Close up of Birthday Trey

Trey enjoying some finger frosting

Reading another birthday card.

Relaxing around the house after the big party

Trey's face has been busy

Trey excited over his birthday cake

Family shot with Trey on his bday (minus Bry)

Close up of our frosting face

One of Trey's serious stares

Keri and Trey have fun with the new toys

Trey still enjoying his fingers

Keri and Kacie enjoying Trey's day

Trey reaches for the camera

Another frosting stare