Genesis Picnic
June 10th, 2006
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Trey enjoys the soda bucket

Trey's new friends

Some Serious Air!

Trey gets the stare down.

Trey forced onto tire swing

Seattle Bus station

Trey on park steps

Cotton Candy machine

Dunk tank thrower

Hold onto that car!

Cotton Candy

Trey in the pop bucket

Dunk tank thrower

Best dressed thrower

Trey's friend Ashton

Dunk tank volunteers


Trey ready to slide!

Doing the Train!

Treys new friends

Dunk tank charge!

Dunk tank victim

Dunk tank line

Trey makes friends

Boarding Greyhound

Double Dutch

More double dutch

Men join in

Small jumpers

Trey's fast ball

Another dunk tank victim

Jump rope participants

Jump rope turner

Snow cone machine

Trey finds empty bucket

Trey tests cotton candy

Spits out cotton candy

Trey relaxes

Trey readies to throw

Christensen's door step

Christensen's door step

Christensen Home

Christensen's backyard view

Christensen's back porch