Trey - Fun at the Park
May, 2006
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Trey and I spent an hour at a local park in Wilsonville, Oregon.  We had driven down to Oregon the day before to spend the afternoon with Bryant.  We spent the night at John and Amelia's and we are now getting ready to head home.  Before spending a few hours in the car we took a short break at the park.

Trey tries to get water out of the handle

Trey's first tunnel

Checking out the equipment

Hi folks

Trey talks sign language

No fear on the slide

On top of the world

Sign language close up

Soon I'll be that tall

The rear view

Taking it all in

Hiding in the rocks

Doing his dog imitation

Walking the bench

More sign language

Stretching out

Making faces

After the slide

Closeup against the sky