Seattle Windstorm
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On Thursday, December 14th the Seattle area experienced a pretty severe windstorm.   It was the most severe storm in the past 15 years.  Trees and power lines came down everywhere.  We were without electric power for a full 7 days.  Schools, churches, and businesses were forced to shut down as well.   Fortunately we were able to get a few lights and our furnace working through the help of a generator and some friends.   Everyone was excited to finally get full power back just a few days before Christmas.  What a relief.

Looking down our front driveway the morning after the storm.

Tree across Woodinville Duvall road

182nd Intersection just around the corner from our street.

Stop lights on the ground

Tree takes down power lines

Hanging stop light

Another blocking tree across Woodinville Duvall road.

More power lines down to the ground.

Our neighbors down the street with flood water in their garage.

Looking down our driveway from the house.